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Successful Advisory Relationship

The Five Elements of a Successful Advisory Relationship

Are You Investing In Your Relationship? We believe that financial planning can be for anybody, but not everyone is well suited for an advisory relationship with an independent, fiduciary firm. Over time, we have identified five specific elements that are needed for a successful advisory relationship with us. Staying The Course Most of our clients […]

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How Will You Pay For Retirement?

  Money Is Money One of the most challenging financial periods in life is the transition from working life to retirement, (what we call the “Wind Up” phase). Many clients believe that because they are moving towards retirement, their investments should be dramatically re-oriented so that current income is the primary objective. This usually is […]

How to Re-Frame Choices and Win the Financial Game

Don’t Shortcut Your Financial Decisions All of us make dozens of choices every day. Many of these decisions are made using “shortcuts” or heuristics that enable us to rapidly run through the decision-making matrix without much conscious thought. In our information overloaded world today, an example of a “shortcut” might be using a website such […]

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5 Things Financial Planning Can’t Do

It’s easy to talk about the positive, sometimes life changing value that financial planning can provide. That said, however, there are a few things that financial planning can’t do. 1. Financial Planning can’t make you a saver. Many of the prospective clients we see are way behind in saving for their financial future. The planning […]

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