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You Probably Don’t Need Advice

Urgency and Advice A large percentage of the individuals who contact us say they need “advice”. What this usually means is that they want a resolution to an urgent problem. The situation is urgent because often it has been ignored and the opportunity for a “painless” remedy has long since passed. They now are faced […]


The Four Root Causes of Financial Failure

Our mission is to help make our clients’ lives better. That is why we are here. However, some clients undermine their own financial well being by what they do and what they don’t do. Everyone knows the symptoms, but what are the real root causes of financial failure and how can they be avoided? Vague […]


Are You Overestimating the Risks of Investing?

Where is Your Focus? We are closing in on a decade since the 2007-2009 stock market “meltdown”. Rarely a week goes by that someone I encounter doesn’t refer back to 2007-2009 as a period where they “lost 50%” on their investments. Indeed, the S&P 500 Index declined by 57% from the peak in October 2007 […]


It’s Not the Global Economy…It’s Your Personal Economy

“Shiny Objects” We don’t spend much time, (and neither should you), trying to predict economic inputs that we can’t influence. However, many of our clients sure worry about the direction of Federal Reserve policy, the price of oil and a myriad of other aspects of economics that simply can’t be controlled. The global economy matters, […]


The Horizon and Your Perception

The physical horizon is entirely a mental construct…the perception of the visual horizon helps you process space. Perceptions can help in financial decision making also. If you change the perception, you change the problem that you are trying to solve. Your perception of how both positive and negative life events impact your long-term happiness is […]


Four Cures for Scares and Surprises

Most of us don’t like to be scared or surprised. However, coming to grips with these innate fears is an important ingredient in a successful investing experience. Regardless of your age, be it 50 or 80, trying to avoid these fears creates a problem in making financial decisions. Where is your focus? Investing is a […]


Is “Headlines Risk” the Biggest Risk of All?

The magic of technology has brought us a brand new risk…”headlines risk”. That is, the risk of reacting to media hype and headlines instead of following your long-term financial plan. While newspaper and magazine headlines have been around for more than two centuries, the urgency and ability to act immediately is new. “Headlines risk” may, […]


“Quo Vadis”- Where are You Going?

The classical Latin phrase Quo Vadis means “where are you going?” In tradition, the phrase describes the words between Jesus and Peter passing each other on the road outside Rome. This phrase also represents the primary focus of financial planning. Your priorities set the course for the direction you take…towards your destination. “Hand In Hand”  […]


What We Believe and Why

Inauthenticity rules the realm of investing and financial planning today…and really always has. The Internet, print media and airwaves are full of pitchmen for big financial services firms saying how they are changing their approach to be on the side of investors with retirement accounts. What have they been doing up until now? What are […]

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