A Profitable Philosophy

“The most important part of any investment philosophy is to have one…and then to follow it.” David Booth, Co-founder Dimensional Fund Advisors

The home or landing page of our newly refreshed website (almost ready to go live), contains four rectangular boxes where the viewer can access information according to specific interest. The first box is titled “Philosophy” and we have an arrow and circle that says “It All Starts Here”. Indeed, our philosophical underpinnings translate across every element of our relationship with clients.



Our philosophy, which has been honed and refined over three decades, focuses on acknowledging that a strong body of market science exists and this should not be ignored. Ultimately, clients need to believe mostly as we believe for the relationship to work.

  • Invest on purpose, for a purpose.

  • Capital Markets Build Wealth.

  • Capture Investment Returns that Markets Provide.

  • Take enough risk to accomplish specific goals and to protect against inflation.

  • Risk is the engine that drives investment returns.

  • Costs matter.

You may notice that our investing philosophy doesn’t rely on selecting the “best funds” or timing the markets. The substantial weight of research strongly suggests these are poor strategies. Yet, most investors still follow that path as it is the foundational premise of the Wall Street marketing machine.

Because of the philosophy we follow, we utilize low-cost, structured (passive) funds with broad diversification across many different asset categories. We believe that active management (stock picking and market timing) is mostly hype and hope.

We have a very focused philosophy that allows clients to invest, then relax. Let us know when you are ready to have a real conversation.

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