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Filtering the Noise

“Prominent media journalism is a thoughtless process of providing the noise that can capture people’s attention.” –  Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Author)   Helping clients “filter the noise” is an increasingly valuable aspect of our work.  We live in a very noisy world – “news” abounds on all types of electronic devices in a quest to […]

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Financial Freedom

Financial goals are as different as the people behind them. Regardless of the specifics, for most individuals, a sense of financial freedom is what the goals represent. At the time we celebrate our national independence, it is fitting that we consider the liberating nature of financial independence. Both varieties of independence require diligence to attain, […]

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Comfort Zone

What’s Comfort Costing You?

“Close your Eyes and Ignore Everything.”  – John Bogle, Vanguard Founder (Speaking to an interviewer about recent market volatility)   In a quest to avoid “risky investments”, over the past few years, many investors have flocked to what they perceive are “safe investments”. In the end, they have likely increased the chances of outliving their resources. Not […]

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Letting Investments Work by Letting Go

I recall hearing family  psychologist Dr. John Rosemond speak years ago about what he called “Frantic Family Syndrome”. This is where parents and kids are engulfed in seemingly never-ending activities, while thinking more activity is better. Most of us learn this isn’t so. The same idea applies to our investment portfolios. Financial science teaches us […]

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