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Digital Details

Digital Details after Death

Even with an eye towards good organization and forethought, the details of our digital life can create major headaches for our loved ones after death.It seems that it is far easier to set up digital accounts than it is to close them. After death, this nuisance can morph quickly into a major, and perhaps expensive, […]

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Belief and Behavior

The 2 “B’s” – A Formula for Successful Investing

Beliefs (Philosophy) – Behavior (w/ Costs) = Returns We talk a lot these days about simplicity and clarity. The formula above is about as simple and straightforward as can be. What you believe and how you behave will ultimately determine your investment returns. That’s it – plain and simple. The hard part is connecting what […]

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Doc Hollywood

Remember the movie about 20 years ago starring Michael J. Fox titled “Doc Hollywood”? Fox played a confident young doctor (Dr. Benjamin Stone), driving to L.A. to complete his training. Car trouble ensues and he is “stuck” in a small southern town where he ends up helping out at a hospital. One of the scenes […]

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Years, Not Days

“We believe in experts in the same way that our ancestors believed in oracles.” – Philip Tetlock (Author) I read an article recently on one of the popular personal finance sites that essentially asked “Where to invest now?” This is a very common theme.  Everyone is looking for “expert” advice about what to invest in […]

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Santa Monica Mountains

Beliefs and Actions

Many people say they want to accomplish long-term financial goals but when it comes to actually making tradeoffs and taking action steps they falter. There is a disconnect between what they say they believe and what they do. The sheer magnitude of largely short-term oriented financial news (and I use this term loosely) is sometimes […]

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prediction addiction

The Prediction Addiction

“If I have noticed anything these 60 years, it is that people do not succeed in forecasting the stock market”– Benjamin Graham (Legendary Investor/Author/Professor) Let’s face it…most of us love predictions. Perhaps it is our nature.  We want to know what the “experts” think about who will win the big game or where the stock […]

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