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What We Do; What We Don’t

A few months ago we put together a simple two-sided page that outlines our four primary components of value. Taken together, these four factors comprise the functional and strategic ways that we create value for our clients. Financial planning involves much more than just investment returns. We strongly believe that the more clients, prospective clients […]

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The Horns of a Dilemma

The financial world is noisy and it’s easy to become distracted from your most important long-term goals. One way to cut through the noise is to focus on just the two factors that ultimately determine your approach to everything else in your financial life; namely, Market Risk and Shortfall Risk. Market Risk is the inherent […]

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How to Become a Financial Adult

While recording a podcast recently, the interviewer Matt Halloran mentioned how different our approach to financial planning is versus others. We think this is true for reasons that you may not at first consider. Honed by three decades of working with hundreds of successful individuals, we have a very good idea of what is required […]

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How to Avoid Becoming a Victim

The financial futures of many Americans are being fretted away by brokers and banks. A recent article by author Dan Solin titled The Average Returns Myth describes the hysteria of active mutual fund managers as they continue their mission of selling investors what might be called “The Black Box Hoax”. That is, brokers and banks […]

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Do You Know What You Have and Where it is?

Author and organization coach David Allen says “Your brain is for creating ideas, not storing them”. While that rings true, many of us fall prey to trying to keep up with details of our finances mostly in our head. If everything is neatly pulled together in one or two places, that might work, but most […]

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