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Perfection Not Required

Among the benefits of having literally thousands of client interactions over the years is this…we have seen almost everything! From routine missteps to huge lifestyle altering lapses, we have witnessed these many times. Our purpose does not require perfect people. Clients come here “as they are”, with wide ranging histories that usually include numerous financial […]

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You Probably Don’t Need Advice

Urgency and Advice A large percentage of the individuals who contact us say they need “advice”. What this usually means is that they want a resolution to an urgent problem. The situation is urgent because often it has been ignored and the opportunity for a “painless” remedy has long since passed. They now are faced […]

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…More Than Numbers

Life is about more than just finances; it is about our values and people we love. Life is…more than numbers. This phrase embodies our approach to financial life management and represents a sharp departure from the myriad of entities that emphasize “wealth management”. When you are sitting on the beach or watching a sunset, what […]

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Digital Details

Digital Details after Death

Even with an eye towards good organization and forethought, the details of our digital life can create major headaches for our loved ones after death.It seems that it is far easier to set up digital accounts than it is to close them. After death, this nuisance can morph quickly into a major, and perhaps expensive, […]

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