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A Threat to Your Retirement

Do You Know the Second Largest Threat to Retirement?

Everyone understands, at least at some level, that lack of sufficient savings is the primary threat for many heading towards their retirement years. What is not as well known, or even acknowledged, is the second largest obstacle…family, particularly grown children. In our work with successful individuals nearing retirement, this is quickly becoming the rule rather […]

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Hidden Agenda

The Broker’s Secret Agenda

A research study conducted recently by TIAA-CREF pointed out the difficulty individuals have in finding reliable financial advice. The most often cited reason for this difficulty was that investors found it “hard to know what sources or who can be trusted”. Stated differently, individuals want advice that serves their interests first, not the interests of […]

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What does a REAL Financial Planner do?

Is Your Advisor Just a Returns Manager?

Is your “financial advisor” really just an “investment returns manager?” For most affluent individuals , I suspect the truthful answer would be in the affirmative. Their advisor is just someone who sells or manages investments. Fewer than 25% of “advisors” are Certified Financial Planners™, which is some indication that most investors are relying on short-term […]

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Do You Really Understand Your Investments?

Words have meaning and many investors believe that if their investments have names that include “balanced”, “total return”, or “diversified growth” then this must be so. Unfortunately, what investments say they are often differs from what the investments truly are. Today, there are almost 46,000 individual securities along with almost 9,000 mutual funds and 1,100 […]

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Is Passive Investing “Defeatist”?

Is investing in a way to capture asset class/market returns akin to “giving up”? Hardly. Passive investing in actuality is about expecting to win  at investing over time. Conversely, mountains of research demonstrate that the active manager approach to investing is mostly destined to fail. Active investment management relies on the belief that a combination of nimble […]

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