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Cure the Disease or Treat the Symptoms? – Part 1

There are many similarities between physical and financial health. As financial advisors, we often are confronted with the same dilemma that physicians face; cure the disease or treat the symptoms? In Part 1, we will look at curing the disease and in part 2 we will discuss treating the symptoms. In a perfect world, we […]

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A Single Philosophy

Without a cogent investment philosophy, it is easy to let emotions become the driving force behind financial decisions. We strive to guide clients towards a simple philosophy of investing “on purpose, for a purpose”. We strongly believe that markets work and, while not “perfectly efficient”, the markets reflect the collective wisdom of millions of participants. […]

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See the Forest for the Trees in Investing

Focusing on the Important by Suppressing the Urgent

We are all bombarded by swaths of information each day from a variety of sources that compete for our attention. E-mail, TV, letters, phone calls, etc…Often, some of these divert our attention and pull us away from our long-term objectives. If achieving some measure of financial independence is important, we have to focus on that […]

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What’s the Real Cost?

Depending on the estimates you believe, perhaps 15-25% of the adult population work with some type of financial advisor. This includes those who work with brokers and other salespeople. Even fewer actually act upon the advice. The cost of this inaction – the consequences – highlight the true value of working with an advisor. A […]

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What Has Changed from 2 Weeks Ago?

Our topic today is critically important to your financial well being. Far from exaggeration, how you act (or react) in times where stock values fall will have more to do with your financial life than any other decision. If you liked your investment allocation (between stocks and fixed income) a couple weeks ago, has anything […]

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A Threat to Your Retirement

Do You Know the Second Largest Threat to Retirement?

Everyone understands, at least at some level, that lack of sufficient savings is the primary threat for many heading towards their retirement years. What is not as well known, or even acknowledged, is the second largest obstacle…family, particularly grown children. In our work with successful individuals nearing retirement, this is quickly becoming the rule rather […]

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