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Is Passive Investing “Defeatist”?

Is investing in a way to capture asset class/market returns akin to “giving up”? Hardly. Passive investing in actuality is about expecting to win  at investing over time. Conversely, mountains of research demonstrate that the active manager approach to investing is mostly destined to fail. Active investment management relies on the belief that a combination of nimble […]

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How to Avoid Wealth Destruction

Professor Ken French has estimated that $80 billion per year is transferred from the pockets of investors to brokers and active fund managers. Others, including Vanguard founder John Bogle, have estimated that the majority of the investment returns provided by the financial markets are skimmed off the top by the mighty Wall Street marketing machine. […]

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Shallow or Deep?

In our always connected world today, complete with text messages, e-mails and other compressed forms of communication, real conversations often are lacking. For the main, most of the short form communication tools impart only a surface level or “shallow” type response. In our work with clients, we try to “dig deeper” and uncover the real […]

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A Profitable Philosophy

“The most important part of any investment philosophy is to have one…and then to follow it.” – David Booth, Co-founder Dimensional Fund Advisors The home or landing page of our newly refreshed website (almost ready to go live), contains four rectangular boxes where the viewer can access information according to specific interest. The first box […]

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How Valuable is Space to You?

One of the most valuable aspects of our long-term advisory relationship is the  “space” that we provide between our clients and their emotions; between clients and their investments. While at first this may not be intuitive, managing emotions with “dispassionate discipline” creates substantial value for our clients. Look to the Horizon Year after year, study […]

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