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Letting Investments Work by Letting Go

I recall hearing family  psychologist Dr. John Rosemond speak years ago about what he called “Frantic Family Syndrome”. This is where parents and kids are engulfed in seemingly never-ending activities, while thinking more activity is better. Most of us learn this isn’t so. The same idea applies to our investment portfolios. Financial science teaches us […]

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Personalize instead of Maximize

Much of the literature on financial planning and investing focuses on how to “maximize” return. Both advisors and clients become wrapped up in the comfortable cloak of chasing the always illusive “god of maximus”. It can become more than an exercise in futility; it can become destructive to sound, long-term planning. There is a better […]

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Financial Bodyguard

Who is Your “Financial Bodyguard”?

One of the most important roles that we fulfill is that of stewardship. Webster’s defines stewardship as “careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”. Many years ago, one of our clients referred to us as his “financial bodyguard”. While the words may differ, the meaning is roughly the same.  Financial planning is […]

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Buckets are Better

For all the gyrations over complicated financial strategies and products, one of the best methods to accomplish goals is through the use of “buckets”. That is, organizing savings into tax-deferred (retirement plan accounts) and taxable (dollars invested after taxes) accounts in order to increase long-term flexibility. Sometimes this may mean opting to “personalize“ rather than […]

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