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See the Forest for the Trees in Investing

Focusing on the Important by Suppressing the Urgent

We are all bombarded by swaths of information each day from a variety of sources that compete for our attention. E-mail, TV, letters, phone calls, etc…Often, some of these divert our attention and pull us away from our long-term objectives. If achieving some measure of financial independence is important, we have to focus on that […]

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What’s the Real Cost?

Depending on the estimates you believe, perhaps 15-25% of the adult population work with some type of financial advisor. This includes those who work with brokers and other salespeople. Even fewer actually act upon the advice. The cost of this inaction – the consequences – highlight the true value of working with an advisor. A […]

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What Has Changed from 2 Weeks Ago?

Our topic today is critically important to your financial well being. Far from exaggeration, how you act (or react) in times where stock values fall will have more to do with your financial life than any other decision. If you liked your investment allocation (between stocks and fixed income) a couple weeks ago, has anything […]

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Inflation Rules over Cash

Is Cash Still King?

I saw an interesting article in the Financial Times recently titled “Cash is still king for affluent investors” – December 6, 2013.  The subtext of the article is that the amount of cash on the sidelines provides plenty of unused capital for future equity investments. Perhaps that is so. The sheer fact that investors are […]

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Do You Really Understand Your Investments?

Words have meaning and many investors believe that if their investments have names that include “balanced”, “total return”, or “diversified growth” then this must be so. Unfortunately, what investments say they are often differs from what the investments truly are. Today, there are almost 46,000 individual securities along with almost 9,000 mutual funds and 1,100 […]

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Are You Nervous about Money?

Investors become nervous when markets do well, thinking that the inevitable “other shoe” is about to drop. This is normal and understandable. A key to becoming an “all the time” investor is appreciating the power of the collective market. Even more important, clearly understanding that there is no such thing as a future fact. Regardless […]

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Investment Lifetime

What’s Your Investing Lifetime?

“Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections or trying to anticipate corrections than has been lost in corrections themselves.” – Peter Lynch (Former Fidelity Magellan Manager)  We sometimes see clients that have an investing theory all worked out that inevitably leads to a coming  market decline.  Financial markets indeed move up […]

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Is Passive Investing “Defeatist”?

Is investing in a way to capture asset class/market returns akin to “giving up”? Hardly. Passive investing in actuality is about expecting to win  at investing over time. Conversely, mountains of research demonstrate that the active manager approach to investing is mostly destined to fail. Active investment management relies on the belief that a combination of nimble […]

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