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Four Steps Towards Financial Independence

Most investors obtain their understanding, (or misunderstanding), about personal financial issues from heavily biased sources (like investment providers). There is a better way, where your financial health is concerned. Here are four specific steps that will improve the probabilities of success. Commit to learning about financial market history and the academic findings, (evidence), which constitute […]

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Four Cures for Scares and Surprises

Most of us don’t like to be scared or surprised. However, coming to grips with these innate fears is an important ingredient in a successful investing experience. Regardless of your age, be it 50 or 80, trying to avoid these fears creates a problem in making financial decisions. Where is your focus? Investing is a […]

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Things Will Happen: What’s Next?

Life is a series of things: things you know will happen, things you hope will happen, things you hope will not happen. Which of these most accurately describe your financial life? On measure, I would submit that based on hundreds of real-life scenarios, most individuals who come to us focus on the middle category, the […]

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5 Things Financial Planning Can’t Do

It’s easy to talk about the positive, sometimes life changing value that financial planning can provide. That said, however, there are a few things that financial planning can’t do. 1. Financial Planning can’t make you a saver. Many of the prospective clients we see are way behind in saving for their financial future. The planning […]

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Are your financial planning guardrails in good condition?

Financial Planning Guardrails

 We are all familiar with guardrails on highways. They are put there to keep a simple mishap from turning into a full-blown catastrophe. If you go a little off course, the rails help you regain the path towards your destination. Financial planning functions in the same way by keeping you on path towards your financial […]

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Valuable Financial Advice

What Makes Financial Advice Great?

Trying to determine what makes financial advice great may not be as difficult as imagined. A recent research report from mutual fund giant Vanguard Group, Inc. (Putting a Value on Your Value), identified 5 primary factors where financial advice renders substantial, quantifiable value. The most significant value, (1.5% per year according to Vanguard’s research), is […]

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Is “Working Memory” Hurting You as an Investor?

We all are different but we make decisions, including financial decisions, in roughly the same way. Our life experiences, successes and failures are wrapped up in the decision making process. I recently came across some interesting research, as well as a short TED video by Professor Peter Doolittle, on  “Working Memory” – that part of […]

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