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Is “Working Memory” Hurting You as an Investor?

We all are different but we make decisions, including financial decisions, in roughly the same way. Our life experiences, successes and failures are wrapped up in the decision making process. I recently came across some interesting research, as well as a short TED video by Professor Peter Doolittle, on  “Working Memory” – that part of […]

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See the Forest for the Trees in Investing

Focusing on the Important by Suppressing the Urgent

We are all bombarded by swaths of information each day from a variety of sources that compete for our attention. E-mail, TV, letters, phone calls, etc…Often, some of these divert our attention and pull us away from our long-term objectives. If achieving some measure of financial independence is important, we have to focus on that […]

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What Has Changed from 2 Weeks Ago?

Our topic today is critically important to your financial well being. Far from exaggeration, how you act (or react) in times where stock values fall will have more to do with your financial life than any other decision. If you liked your investment allocation (between stocks and fixed income) a couple weeks ago, has anything […]

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Alfred Nobel

Prize Worthy

 For the main, Nobel Prize winners elicit little response. One of the winners this week in economics is a noteworthy exception. Professor Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago, father of the Efficient Market Hypothesis, was one of three U.S. economists to share in the award this year. Markets are informational exchanges and Dr. Fama […]

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A Voice, not an Echo

In our 24-hour news connectivity, it is easy to “self select” what we actually see and hear. For many, this resembles an “echo chamber” where the words and phrases match our current narrative. This becomes self-reinforcing in short order. We hear the words we want to hear; We see the images we want to see. […]

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The Best of J.E. Wilson’s Blog: Unglued – A Roadmap for a Successful Investing Experience

“Uncertainty is an uncomfortable position. But certainty is an absurd one.” – Voltaire (French Historian / Philosopher) We live in a world with constant background noise that appears whenever we turn on the “news” or our computer. Even media outlets that attempt to present real news are forced to repeat the stories many times in […]

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