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Are You Financially Embarrassed?

In one way or another, many of our new clients arrive here “financially embarrassed”. They may not be in poor financial condition per se, but they are often not well prepared for the next phase of their financial life. In many instances, these clients suffer from a disconnect between outward “material wealth” and “real wealth”. […]

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Don’t Overpay to Underperform

The sudden departure of legendary bond fund manager Bill Gross last week from Pimco highlights the difficulty with chasing managers and performance. We discovered long ago that the conventional approach to investing is deeply flawed and expensive. Why overpay a fund manager to predict markets when there is so little evidence that this works? Years […]

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The Fountain Of Youth

The Investing Fountain of Youth

Every new day, an army of self proclaimed “financial consultants” pitch the latest and greatest investment ideas to unwitting investors. In most cases, the genesis of these investment products is some method of timing, selection or forecasting. These factors (timing, selection and forecasting) are often portrayed as the” investing fountain of youth”. Historically Proven For […]

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Field of Dreams

Assets and Aspirations

Our brokerage account custodian, T.D. Ameritrade, has an excellent slogan for their advisor industry advertisements: “You manage more than assets, you manage aspirations”. That aligns well with our philosophy. We have always resisted being called “investment managers”, because investments are but a tool to accomplish goals or aspirations. Everyone has distinct and unique goals.   […]

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Avoiding Mistakes with Your Largest Assets – Part 1

For many individuals, their house and retirement plan represent their largest assets (aside from human capital, the ability to produce income). Financial mistakes, particularly mistakes later in your working life, can have long lasting impacts on lifestyle choices. The philosophy and approach towards managing these assets can make all the difference. In this article, we […]

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