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Two Buckets are Better than One

Why Two Buckets are Better than One

An important financial planning tool that we strongly recommend is having both tax-deferred and taxable investment portfolios. Very often, when we meet with new clients, they have all or almost all of their retirement savings in tax-deferred accounts. Since the tax code encourages this, it is not unexpected. Ultimately, however, this presents a planning problem […]

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Filtering the Noise

“Prominent media journalism is a thoughtless process of providing the noise that can capture people’s attention.” –  Nassim Nicholas Taleb (Author)   Helping clients “filter the noise” is an increasingly valuable aspect of our work.  We live in a very noisy world – “news” abounds on all types of electronic devices in a quest to […]

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Boat like house cropped

A “Laffer Curve” for Investing

Most of us remember Dr. Arthur Laffer, an economist who worked in the Reagan Administration and his simple depiction of the relationship between tax rates and revenues. He drew the diagram below (The Laffer Curve) in 1974 on a napkin at dinner. Is there a “Laffer Curve” for investing as well? In Laffer’s design, tax […]

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Department of Treasury

IRA’s – Today, Tomorrow, Always?

A new budget proposal from the Obama administration brings back some themes from the past; namely, taxing “excess” accumulations (or more specifically, “excess” distributions) from IRA’s and other retirement accounts. Believe it or not, this idea has been on the books previously, as part of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. It was repealed a […]

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