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Have You Been Inoculated Against The Financial Flu?

Every year about this time most of us go to the doctor or pharmacist for a flu shot. We hope this will help us avoid the misery and discomfort that is common with influenza. While slightly less visible, the financial flu can be even more problematic. Research tells us that more than 70% of Americans […]

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No Investment Unicorns Here

Let me be blunt. Most individuals are looking for investment unicorns. Myths and hype, however, won’t solve chronic financial conditions. Investing truths will. It reminds me of Jack Nicholson’s line as Colonel Nathan Jessup in A Few Good Men, “You can’t handle the truth!” We’re in the life saving business. The truth is, most investors […]

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The Belief-Reactivity Hypothesis

The reason most Americans continue along a self destructive course towards financial disaster has nothing to do with investment returns. Yes, returns matter but they pale in comparison to what you believe, your internal operating system that determines how you actually save, (or even if you save), and invest. These beliefs ultimately impact the choices […]

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The Two Best Ideas of the Past Half Century

Evidence Based Investing I was recently reading through a book of quotations from Dimensional highlighting the power of great ideas. Some of the pages contain quotes from Professor Eugene Fama, author of The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH). Only a handful of years after Fama first wrote on efficient markets in 1965, index mutual funds were […]

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How’s Your Pain?

All of us have pain, both physical and emotional, but we interpret this pain differently. In the financial realm, research tells us the pain of investment loss far outweighs the pleasure of gain. In many instances, some type of pain (not making progress towards goals, poor investment structure, etc.) is what brings people to us […]

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We Know How; We Know What; We Know Where; Part 3 of 3

We know how to avoid mistakes that derail your financial plans; We know what critical behaviors are needed for financial progress; We know where to focus in order to change your trajectory Over the past couple weeks we have reviewed how and what. This week, we turn to where you should focus your efforts so […]

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How To Control Your Risks

Where Is Your Focus? Everything we do involves some element of risk. For the main, we don’t give too much consideration to most of these risks because we are so accustomed to good outcomes. Some risks are external; that is they occur as a result of something beyond our direct control. Still other risks are […]

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7 Financial Things to Avoid

How To Go Where You Want Without The Detours There are many different paths that you can take towards financial well being and several things that should be avoided along the way. I’ve put together a list to help. Avoid annuities because they are an expensive, overly structured, and complicated “solution” to the wrong problem […]

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