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How Can You Avoid the Big Mistake?

Do you wonder if you really need a financial advisor? A big part of our work is to guide clients to make decisions that are in their best interest. Our advice is often the only thing standing between them and the “big mistake.”No, not the run-of-the-mill misstep that is part of everyday life… but the […]

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No Risk, No Reward

Being in the Market is Risky…So is Being Out

Yes, investing in the stock market comes complete with risk. There is also a different and deeper form of risk associated with not investing in the market. Author Dr. William Bernstein in his book Deep Risk, describes shallow risk as “a loss of real capital that recovers relatively quickly” and deep risk as “a permanent […]

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Do You Really Understand Your Investments?

Words have meaning and many investors believe that if their investments have names that include “balanced”, “total return”, or “diversified growth” then this must be so. Unfortunately, what investments say they are often differs from what the investments truly are. Today, there are almost 46,000 individual securities along with almost 9,000 mutual funds and 1,100 […]

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How to Avoid Wealth Destruction

Professor Ken French has estimated that $80 billion per year is transferred from the pockets of investors to brokers and active fund managers. Others, including Vanguard founder John Bogle, have estimated that the majority of the investment returns provided by the financial markets are skimmed off the top by the mighty Wall Street marketing machine. […]

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A Profitable Philosophy

“The most important part of any investment philosophy is to have one…and then to follow it.” – David Booth, Co-founder Dimensional Fund Advisors The home or landing page of our newly refreshed website (almost ready to go live), contains four rectangular boxes where the viewer can access information according to specific interest. The first box […]

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