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Successful Investing Depends on Behavior

Most books about investing focus on corporate finance or economics. While these are important, investing is mostly about behavior and how this impacts your money decisions. Stay Seated, Class Think back to grade school (a long time ago I know), and how the teacher kept telling you and your classmates to “behave and stay in […]

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How We See Things Differently

In many ways, our fee-only approach to planning and Evidence-Based Investing put us squarely on the outside of personal finance. That’s ok. The world has slowly but surely been moving in our direction for a number of years. The substance of our philosophy has changed very little over time. We believe it works. We see […]

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What We Believe and Why

Inauthenticity rules the realm of investing and financial planning today…and really always has. The Internet, print media and airwaves are full of pitchmen for big financial services firms saying how they are changing their approach to be on the side of investors with retirement accounts. What have they been doing up until now? What are […]

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Modern Family Finance

Very few clients that we see have financial issues, goals or constraints that apply only to themselves. Rather, their concerns apply to their broader, extended family which may include adult children, grandchildren, parents and others. Modern families give rise to modern family finance. In times past, personal finance was more narrow and certainly     […]

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Lifelong Investors

Are You an Investor for Life?

Financial planning is, at its core, a rationale for making decisions that serve your best interests. In a topsy-turvy world, that should provide comfort. Individuals who are successful financially think of investing alongside their lifetime financial plan. Conversely, those who fail to follow their plan often struggle to achieve financial goals. Financial success doesn’t come […]

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Antidote for Financial Failure

The Antidote for Financial Failure

Understanding market history can be the antidote for financial failure. However, there is more. Comprehending the historical impact of inflation on wealth as well as your own financial history, rounds out the cure for failing financially. Conversely, ignoring (or misunderstanding) the markets, inflation and your history can provide a huge obstacle to your long-term financial well-being. […]

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Two Buckets are Better than One

Why Two Buckets are Better than One

An important financial planning tool that we strongly recommend is having both tax-deferred and taxable investment portfolios. Very often, when we meet with new clients, they have all or almost all of their retirement savings in tax-deferred accounts. Since the tax code encourages this, it is not unexpected. Ultimately, however, this presents a planning problem […]

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