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Let’s Talk About Trust

When you boil out all the other variables, investors are left with just a single question: “Who can I trust?” The clamoring noises from the media, fancy TV ads, and complicated financial products all fade into the background. The most important issue is trust.   Relationships Built on Trust More than three decades ago, we […]

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Palm Tree

Is Financial Advice like Medical Advice?

I noticed one of those annoying fold over advertising pages in the newspaper recently that advertised “cures” for a broad spectrum of common medical maladies. Many of these are conditions that might have been better “cured” at an earlier time with less costly, less complex medical interventions. The same is often true with financial issues. […]

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Two Buckets are Better than One

Why Two Buckets are Better than One

An important financial planning tool that we strongly recommend is having both tax-deferred and taxable investment portfolios. Very often, when we meet with new clients, they have all or almost all of their retirement savings in tax-deferred accounts. Since the tax code encourages this, it is not unexpected. Ultimately, however, this presents a planning problem […]

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Focus on Your Goals

How to Avoid Losing Your Investment Discipline

The single largest factor dividing successful investors from others is discipline. Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. Investors who stay focused on their key long-term goals tend to outperform others and often in dramatic fashion. With the broad stock market at record levels, will you have the discipline […]

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Great slogan for beer; not investing

Tastes Great, Less Filling

I have always marveled at the cleverness of the long running Miller Lite advertising slogan: “Tastes Great, Less Filling”. Advertising Age magazine lists this slogan among the top 10 of all time… not bad! There is a direct corollary between this slogan and investment decisions. Many investors want their investments to “taste great”, to provide […]

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No Risk, No Reward

Being in the Market is Risky…So is Being Out

Yes, investing in the stock market comes complete with risk. There is also a different and deeper form of risk associated with not investing in the market. Author Dr. William Bernstein in his book Deep Risk, describes shallow risk as “a loss of real capital that recovers relatively quickly” and deep risk as “a permanent […]

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