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The Three Act Life

Just like your favorite play, life is organized in distinct segments or acts. Each act has a specific focus and aim. Act One is dedicated to learning, growing and building career capital. Act One might encompass roughly ages 20-45. Act Two is where you have the opportunity to save and accumulate financial capital. Act Two […]

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3 Keys to Surviving the Next Correction

As most of us discovered in South Carolina’s historic flood a year ago, it is best to prepare for extreme conditions when everything is calm. The same principle applies to how we think about our investments. It is good to become emotionally prepared for market price variability when all is well. The S&P 500 Index […]

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We Know How; We Know What; We Know Where; Part 2 of 3

We know how to avoid mistakes that derail your financial plans; We know what critical behaviors are needed for financial progress; We know where to focus in order to change your trajectory Last week we discussed how to avoid mistakes as a crucial component of moving towards your financial goals. This week, we want to […]

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Look Forward

Cure the Disease or Treat the Symptoms? – Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed the ingredients needed to “cure the disease” – the malady of not having enough financial resources to maintain your lifestyle (including living cost increases) – throughout retirement. With time, savings and discipline it is often possible to get back on track. Sometimes, however, there isn’t enough time and the gap […]

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Cure the Disease or Treat the Symptoms? – Part 1

There are many similarities between physical and financial health. As financial advisors, we often are confronted with the same dilemma that physicians face; cure the disease or treat the symptoms? In Part 1, we will look at curing the disease and in part 2 we will discuss treating the symptoms. In a perfect world, we […]

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