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Are You Overestimating the Risks of Investing?

Where is Your Focus? We are closing in on a decade since the 2007-2009 stock market “meltdown”. Rarely a week goes by that someone I encounter doesn’t refer back to 2007-2009 as a period where they “lost 50%” on their investments. Indeed, the S&P 500 Index declined by 57% from the peak in October 2007 […]

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6 Traits of Successful Investors

Client education is one of our most important objectives, but exactly what are we trying to teach and why? Well, there are six major themes that we want to convey, each of which is needed in order to have a successful investing experience. Without all of these traits, adherence to the financial and investment plan […]

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The Three Things You Need to Know Before You Retire

Many years ago, I asked a mentor what was the single most important advice that he could impart to me as a young financial advisor. Without hesitation, he answered, “buy a bigger trash can”. At first, I was confused, but he explained that almost everything that came across my desk in terms of strategies or […]

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Antidote for Financial Failure

The Antidote for Financial Failure

Understanding market history can be the antidote for financial failure. However, there is more. Comprehending the historical impact of inflation on wealth as well as your own financial history, rounds out the cure for failing financially. Conversely, ignoring (or misunderstanding) the markets, inflation and your history can provide a huge obstacle to your long-term financial well-being. […]

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Slaying the Retirement Dragon

Reaching retirement and maintaining your lifestyle in retirement is the functional equal of St. George slaying the mythical dragon. We recently completed work on an E-book titled “9 steps to Slaying the Retirement Dragon”. Since the founding of our firm in 1982, individuals planning for retirement have been prevalent. This E-book provides a systematic overview […]

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No Risk, No Reward

Being in the Market is Risky…So is Being Out

Yes, investing in the stock market comes complete with risk. There is also a different and deeper form of risk associated with not investing in the market. Author Dr. William Bernstein in his book Deep Risk, describes shallow risk as “a loss of real capital that recovers relatively quickly” and deep risk as “a permanent […]

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Are You a Conservative Investor?

Sometimes clients come in and say that they want a “conservative” investment portfolio. In most cases, they are inferring that “conservative” denotes a higher percentage of fixed income/bond investments. Let’s walk through the reasons for investing in the first instance and see if that changes your perspective.   Why We Invest For most of the […]

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Should I use my home as an Investment?

Avoiding Mistakes with Your Largest Assets – Part 2

In Part 1 we dealt with retirement plan accounts and how to steer clear of trouble. For many, other than retirement accounts (and human capital), their primary residence may be considered their next largest asset. The problem is, a house is not necessarily an investment asset that can be readily converted to cash for future […]

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Inflation Rules over Cash

Is Cash Still King?

I saw an interesting article in the Financial Times recently titled “Cash is still king for affluent investors” – December 6, 2013.  The subtext of the article is that the amount of cash on the sidelines provides plenty of unused capital for future equity investments. Perhaps that is so. The sheer fact that investors are […]

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