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The Anti-Wall Street Investing Strategy

Wall Street is a several block long span located between Broadway and FDR Drive in lower Manhattan. It’s synonymous with investing and corporate finance. Wall Street also represents a particular investing approach that just happens to be false. To be sure, the basic premise of Wall Street as a place for publicly traded companies to […]

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How We See Things Differently

In many ways, our fee-only approach to planning and Evidence-Based Investing put us squarely on the outside of personal finance. That’s ok. The world has slowly but surely been moving in our direction for a number of years. The substance of our philosophy has changed very little over time. We believe it works. We see […]

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Unlocking the Grip of Fear

Fear sells. Most sales pitches about investing focus on fear. The more fear, the better. Our internal wiring nudges us towards reacting emotionally to the lure of fear. However, there is an antidote; there is a way to stop letting fear unravel your financial life.   Conquering Fear The entirety of our approach to investing […]

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Four Dangerous Investing Misconceptions

There are four dangerous misconceptions about investing that can easily unravel even the best financial plans. Many high-income earners fall prey to these misconceptions because they fit easily within the common, but errant, narrative about investing. 1. Easily the most damaging misconception is the focus on performance or outperformance. Yes, you want to earn good […]

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Things Will Happen: What’s Next?

Life is a series of things: things you know will happen, things you hope will happen, things you hope will not happen. Which of these most accurately describe your financial life? On measure, I would submit that based on hundreds of real-life scenarios, most individuals who come to us focus on the middle category, the […]

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Do You Have Enough? Solving the Riddle

For most individuals in their 50s or 60s, the most daunting financial question is, “Do I have enough money to continue my lifestyle well into my 90s?” For some, the answer might be yes, but for many others, there is a big gap between the financial resources needed and what has actually been accumulated. The […]

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We Know How; We Know What; We Know Where; Part 2 of 3

We know how to avoid mistakes that derail your financial plans; We know what critical behaviors are needed for financial progress; We know where to focus in order to change your trajectory Last week we discussed how to avoid mistakes as a crucial component of moving towards your financial goals. This week, we want to […]

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Best Before Date

We all are familiar with “best before dates” on food packaging. As consumers, these dates help us make good choices. Our financial lives also have “best before dates”, even though they may not be as clearly marked. Last week, in this blog we introduced the “Financial Life Timeline” that depicts four stages of financial life. The […]

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