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What’s Your Story?

Each of us has a unique life story. Where we come from, where we went to school, where we have worked. These stories provide context for the yet unwritten part of our journey: what will happen in the future. As a fiduciary financial advisor, a large part of our role in working with successful individuals […]

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Lifelong Investors

Are You an Investor for Life?

Financial planning is, at its core, a rationale for making decisions that serve your best interests. In a topsy-turvy world, that should provide comfort. Individuals who are successful financially think of investing alongside their lifetime financial plan. Conversely, those who fail to follow their plan often struggle to achieve financial goals. Financial success doesn’t come […]

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Slaying the Retirement Dragon

Reaching retirement and maintaining your lifestyle in retirement is the functional equal of St. George slaying the mythical dragon. We recently completed work on an E-book titled “9 steps to Slaying the Retirement Dragon”. Since the founding of our firm in 1982, individuals planning for retirement have been prevalent. This E-book provides a systematic overview […]

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Great slogan for beer; not investing

Tastes Great, Less Filling

I have always marveled at the cleverness of the long running Miller Lite advertising slogan: “Tastes Great, Less Filling”. Advertising Age magazine lists this slogan among the top 10 of all time… not bad! There is a direct corollary between this slogan and investment decisions. Many investors want their investments to “taste great”, to provide […]

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De-mystifying the Investment Process

For many, the world of investing is mysterious and complex. That should not be the case. Investing is by definition something that is forward looking. Successful investing is based on goals; unsuccessful investing is totally enamored with the random day-to-day markets.       No Perfect Investment Investing is also highly personal. Your goals…your investments. […]

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Problem Solving or Problem Finding?

For far too long, the operative view of financial planning has focused on providing immediate “solutions” to financial problems. In many instances, investors don’t know the real problem they are seeking to solve. Lack of clarity, confusion and erroneous assumptions all come into play. Discovering the actual, sometimes hidden, problem is the more important (and […]

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Is Passive Investing “Defeatist”?

Is investing in a way to capture asset class/market returns akin to “giving up”? Hardly. Passive investing in actuality is about expecting to win  at investing over time. Conversely, mountains of research demonstrate that the active manager approach to investing is mostly destined to fail. Active investment management relies on the belief that a combination of nimble […]

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